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The Dreamnautics Life Design Resource Center section is the heart of the this website. This is where I'll be putting different types of learning tools and resources that can help you in your quest to design and build the life you really want.

Because different people learn in different ways, I'll be including resources in many different formats including text, audio, video, and multimedia and online links.

To help you find the type of resources you are looking for, I've divided the Resource Center into individual areas, which I like to think of as "virtual rooms". Each "room" contains a collection of specific types of learning tools.

The Resource Center is also designed to be dynamic. I'll be adding new learning tools, information and resources on an onging basis. Be sure to bookmark this page and come back often to see what's new.

So, grab your favorite beverage, make yourself comfortable and have a look around. 

Resource Center Areas: 



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"Inside each human being lies a dormant but extraordinary potential that, once unleashed, can turn any desire, dream or vision into reality. Tapping into that potential will not only enrich that individual's life, but will be of benefit to us all." -- Nadia Koligman

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