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I originally developed the Dreamnautics™ process as a tool to help one particularly confused and desperate person…me.

A number of years ago my life seemed picture perfect. I had a promising career, was married to a great guy, had a beautiful house and enjoyed a wonderful lifestyle.

Unfortunately, in spite of all the terrific stuff in my life, I was miserable. I felt out of place in the corporate world, my work was only marginally fulfilling, and I felt disconnected, empty and numb.

I started searching for information that would help me figure out what I wanted to do “with the rest of my life.” Several years, three expensive and time-consuming career development programs, and many dozens of self-help books, audio and video programs later, I still couldn’t figure out what I really wanted to do with my life. I was interested in so many things that I simply could not choose a new career direction. I felt stuck and powerless.

The self-help books I’d read contained many interesting and valuable ideas, but none of them seemed to provide all the pieces of the puzzle for me. I kept hoping to find a single source that would guide me through a complete process. The more I searched the more frustrated and confused I became.

Finally one day my frustration turned to exasperation. “Jeez! You have a degree in physics, but you can’t even figure out what you want to be ‘when you grow up?!’” railed the little voice inside my head. “You’re an engineer, for cryin’ out loud! Start thinking like one! If you can’t find a program that fills your needs, then design one for yourself!”

I was both surprised and annoyed by the mental “smack down” I’d given myself but I sensed that my little voice might be right. It was time to start thinking like an engineer and take a systematic approach to redesigning my life.

With a highlighter in hand, and a pen and notepad by my side, I began revisiting all the self-help books, workbooks and audio programs I’d accumulated. I also continued searching for materials that would fill-in the missing pieces. I devoured every career development resource that I could get my hands on. I took detailed notes and did tons of exercises. I looked for patterns in the materials, tested their advice and made note of which techniques helped me and which didn’t.

I also did a great deal of introspection. I analyzed my life circumstances and examined what was working, what wasn’t working, and, more importantly, the “why” in each case. I also revisited my past and mined it for clues and patterns.

After a while, the fog began to lift. Confusion, frustration and despair gave way to self-understanding and a new sense of direction. Not only was I finally able to see a bright and exciting road ahead, but my past began to make sense to me and yielded some profound and invaluable insights for navigating my new future.

One day, as I was shuffling through all my notes, I had an “ah-ha” moment. It suddenly occurred to me that if I was having problems trying to choose a new career and direction in life, others might be facing the same problem. If the information that I put together for myself could help me through such a confusing and frustrating issue, maybe it could help others as well.

My engineering background and my tenacious nature helped me slog through the process via trial and error. I knew most people would not be as methodical (maybe a little “anal”) or as tenacious (okay…obsessed) about it as I was. Maybe I could help make that process a bit quicker, easier and less frustrating for others. From that moment on I’d found my direction in life and I haven’t looked back since.

Redesigning and re-engineering your life can be a scary, confusing, and challenging journey. It helps to have a guide—someone who knows the terrain, who’s actually “been there”, and isn’t making stuff up out of thin air.

Experience is a tough teacher, but a very effective one. I’ve personally tasted the despair of an unfulfilling existence and have managed to re-engineer my life into an authentic, meaningful and fulfilling one. It is my fondest wish and my heartfelt mission to help you do the same.

May you find the path in life that is truly your own and create a life that makes your spirit soar and your heart sing. 

Wishing you an amazing journey!

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"Inside each human being lies a dormant but extraordinary potential that, once unleashed, can turn any desire, dream or vision into reality. Tapping into that potential will not only enrich that individual's life, but will be of benefit to us all." -- Nadia Koligman

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